To report a claim...

To check on the Status of a Claim...

After you have a loss...

Before you have a loss...

To report a claim:

Thoroughly examine whatever property has been damaged and contact us immediately at our Claims Reporting Center by phone, fax or email:

Phone:  (866) 324-3138 (24 hours)
Fax:       (813) 443-0830
Email:    FNOL@hcpci.com


To check on the Status of a Claim:

Normally, you will be contacted within 24-48 hours after reporting you claim. At that time, you will be provided with the name and phone number of the adjuster assigned to your loss. You may also contact our Claims Department by phone, fax or email:

Phone: (877) 235-5076
Fax:      (813) 865-0173
Email:   Claims@hcpci.com


After you have a loss:

If reasonably possible, take steps to prevent further damage to your property. Do not make any permanent repairs or alter the condition of your house before the adjuster has the opportunity to examine your damages. However, you may make emergency repairs such as repairing holes in your roof or windows to prevent additional damage from occurring. Keep all of your receipts for any temporary repairs, to submit for reimbursement. Take photographs of the damage before any temporary repair is made.

Separate damaged from undamaged property as best you can. Do not throw away any damaged materials or belongings until the adjuster has had a chance to inspect them. If you must discard any damaged property because of health hazards, please photograph or in some other fashion be able to accurately describe these discarded items.

If the damage to your home is so severe that you are required to seek temporary lodging elsewhere, please immediately notify us and keep all receipts for expenses as you may be entitled to reimbursement.

Prepare an inventory of all damaged personal belongings and provide this to the adjuster when he visits your property. Give the adjuster copies of the original purchase receipts whenever possible to document the values. If your home requires repairs, you will choose your contractor. If you have a contractor in mind, provide that information to your adjuster.

For larger claims, if you have a mortgage, the payment will be made to you and the mortgage company. You may wish to contact your mortgage company to determine what they require for endorsement of your claim payment.

If your loss involves an injury to a visitor on your premises rather than a loss to your home or personal belongings, please prepare a written statement for us with the names and contact information of the person(s) involved and any witnesses.


Before you have a loss:

The best thing you can do is read and understand your insurance policy. Make certain you have the coverage you wanted and the amounts you need.

It is a good idea to keep a record of your belongings. Photographs and/or video of your home and possessions are extremely valuable in the event of a catastrophic loss or theft. Not only do they assist the adjuster in the handling of your claim, but they serve to remind you of what you may have lost. An inventory taken in each room, along with the pictures or film, and copies of receipts, appraisals and warranties can serve to document your loss and make the process of recovery much easier.

The Insurance Information Institute (www.iii.org) offers free software to help homeowners prepare an inventory of their personal property.

Remember that having all of the documentation any well-prepared individual could hope for doesn't help if that documentation is lost in the event that damages your home. These records should be kept in a separate location where they can be retrieved should it become necessary. Update these records annually, and you will be in the best possible position to deal with the unexpected.


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